Leonor Ruiz Dubrovin´s artistic exploration centers around the intricate concept of identity. Her work reflects a profound concern with the construction of the self and the multifaceted ways in which personal identities are formed, restricted or enhanced, as well as how external perceptions and labels shape us.

In our current era, the quest for genuine individuals has grown progressively challenging. Authentic qualities of character appear to be dwindling, endangered. In our societal landscape, the realm of social media has a way of distorting self-assurance, overshadowing our genuine nature. Consequently, many present themselves through a myriad of filters.”

In her work, Dubrovin embarks on a journey that unveils the concealed abode where the formation of the self resides. Often, this formation is an assembly of lies that ultimately reveal several half-truths.

Dubrovin’s artistic work is a fusion of diverse dualities, such as the representational and the suggestive, reality and fiction. Her paintings depict through different portraits and embodiments the exaltation of the individual and the search for an authentic self.