The exhibition “Meeting Point” combines elements of the visual arts with “dramatic compositions” inspired by scenery and cinematography. The resulting installations create visual clues that guide the viewer through the “stage” of the exhibition. In this visual game, the various “scene changes” and fluctuating sensations are part of the exhibition experience. The visitor moves around the “stage”, explores the signs and ends up being part of the story. My intention is to incite viewers to make free associations and occupy different spaces and realities.

The body of work that makes up the exhibition reflects in a fragmentary way moments that are linked to events and sensations experienced in social gatherings. The works as a whole form a fictitious social scenario model where different idealized roles and identities intermingle and interrelate with each other. I use the psychological and metaphorical potential of images to explore the perception of reality, the subconscious and various concepts and existential dilemmas that concern me. The themes of this proposal revolve around individual and community human behavior, interpersonal relationships, communication and the concept of identity and its preservation.

Through my work, I aim to build an intuitive world, parallel to the real and tangible, where what we could perceive as reality vanishes, filters and mixes with another more abstract world. Ultimately, my artistic language is formed by the synthesis of a variety of dualities: the authentic and the false, the representative and the suggestive, the individual and the collective, fiction and reality, mind and body, figuration and abstraction. My objective is to collapse these antagonistic dichotomies that dialogue with each other to create a new conceptual space.