“Core”(the part of something that is central to its existence or character) revolves around the concept of identity and its preservation. This body of work examines identification through the clash of images and visual re-creations. As a whole, the works form a prototype of a conceptualized identity. They present a pulsation between the self, the other and the external factors that are used to construct a sense of individuality.

The exhibition is made out of oil paintings that combines elements of the fine arts with dramatic compositions, inspired by scenography and cinematography. The resulting installation creates optical clues and scenery shiftings that configure a visual game for the viewer to experience.

The works included in the exhibition constitute an investigation on painting in a dual way: on the one hand, its function as a means of illusionist representation, and on the other hand, as a physical substance and the aspect of materiality.

Through my work I aim to build an intuitive world, parallel to the tangible one, where what we could perceive as real vanishes and it is filtered and mixed with another more abstract world. My artistic practice is formed by the synthesis of a variety of dualities such as the representative and the suggestive, reality and fiction. The paintings on display collapse these antagonistic dichotomies that dialogue with each other in order to create alternative conceptual spaces.